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white house. you didn't say that, but less than 2% of you did not agree. by the way, we're all over this thing, much more detail on fox business network. one hour from now where we're going to talk to a leading blue dog democrat whether she thinks i'd be a good president. >> glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program, there was a clear message sent on 8-28, and do so through faith, hope and charity. and be the americans that we, we know we are and can be. well, there are people, woulding day and night to, to recreate that, spin-off events that are coming up. well, that's fantastic, i love freedom of speech, more speech not less. but let's use this as a learning opportunity, don't shut them down, let them speak, but what is the message and who is involved, not speculation, not future news, from them, who is involved and
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who are they proud to stand next to. find out, maybe more than you want to know, next. hello america. i-- i'm glad you're here tonight. i want to have a conversation with you, but i want to have a reasoned conversation because quite honestly, i feel stupid when i say communist, a few years ago, i didn't think that-- i wouldn't have believed half of this stuff. i don't want to believe it now. during the election 2008 some people were questioning whether or not barack obama were a socialist. there were some strong evidence, his past association and his own words. >> i think that there was a
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tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributed change. everybody's so tense that business is bad for everybody. i think when you spread the wealth around-- >> redistributive change. there's also his voting record that rated farther left than socialist bernie sanders. don't take my word for it. i mean, this is from the annual national journal ranking. here, most liberal senator, 2007 barack obama. past the socialist, left of the socialists. that's pretty good, this guy is a radical. what was the reaction from the left. deny, deny, deny. that's crazy, he's not a radical, he's mainstream. he's not a socialist, never, where would you possibly get that idea? well, then he was elected and immediately news week celebrated with this title.
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i remember holding that up on tv and saying, we are? i thought nobody was a socialist, i thought that was wrong to call somebody a socialist, i thought it was politically incorrect? and then, then the president started to govern and the more he governed the more he kwaukd like a duck, walked like a duck. so people started pointing that out and obama's reaction, well, of course, that's crazy, over the top. it's dangerous, listen. >> you're sometimes referred to out in america as a socialist. >> i think that when you listen to rush limbaugh or glenn beck. >> it's beyond that. >> it's pretty apparent and it's troublesome. >> that's a socialist-- >> i want to make this very clear to you, this is-- this has become, this started about barack obama and the more i got into it, and the more i saw this network that he has cobbled together, no,
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no, no, that had been cobbled together and he was brought in, it is-- this isn't about barack obama, this isn't about the next election, this isn't about our country and this has been going on for a very long time. progressives in the republican party are socialist light. they're progressive, big government. the democrats have lost their so soul. they're not even the democrats anymore. and it's time for americans to share that with their neighbors and make sure this election they understand. i don't think you're going to be able to stop what's coming, but you at least have a fighting chance. if we just face the truth, it's not about the president, no, even the new york times was asking the president if he were a socialist. after the interview he later called the times back to clarify his answer, this is what he said. >> it's hard for me to believe you're entirely serious about that socialist question.
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we've actually been operating in a way that is entirely consistent with free market principles and that some of the same folks who are throwing the word socialist around can't say the same. >> glenn: okay. the same people that are using the word socialist. well, he found that hard to take seriously, yet, he's to the left of a socialist, bernie sanders. bernie doesn't have-- i actually have respect-- i disagree with everything that bernie sanders says. i have respect for him. he at least admits it. and the george bush started it thing, while true doesn't get you off the hook. no one is forcing you to continue it, mr. president. so what is it? are you a socialist or not? will you denounce socialism as a failure that it is or not? well, he'll never answer that question. no one in the press will even ask that question. i've got a phone here. you know who has-- do you know who has this number on this phone, the only
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one that has that phone is the white house. they have the phone number. have they called? never. never. we have been the number two show in cable news now, i don't know how long. why wouldn't you, why wouldn't you show the evidence? why wouldn't you just come out and say this is ridiculous, i denounce it? well, they can't. we've shown you their words, not my words, their words and i tell you every night, do not take my word for it. you go and look these things up yourself. you've seen the policy. we've shown you his friends. let me ask you this, if your child was hanging around with "stoners" and drugies all day, would you not question that maybe your child had a problem maybe your child was a stoner or a druggy? would you be concerned about the circle of influence around your child? you should be if you're a decent parent. show me your friends and i'll show you your future should come out of your mouth.
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you can judge somebody by the company they keep not the stray person they might have crossed paths with, but the people that inspire them and all the president's friends just happen to be anti-free market marxists. >> i never ever thought this would be the case in our country. okay. maybe one gets in, but where are all of these people coming from? through marxism i never thought would be a legitimate movement in this country, but it is, and it's being completely dismissed and overlooked intentionally by the media today. there was a barrage of questions from the media, ex0, it was like shock and awe when we did 8-28. the questions never stopped. who is paying for it. what is the involvement of the n.r.a. where is the money going? it better not be political. who's planning all of this? why on this date, on and on aen on and on, the ridiculous number of questions for months. well, last night when i got home, i went in and i read my e-mail and i read twitter and
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facebook, and then it came it a fevered pitch. why did it come to a fevered pitch last night? because here i am, i am pointing out that the communist party usa is involved with the left's big counter 8-28 rally coming up this weekend, called one nation. the e-mail i received was phenomenal, filled with vitriol and hatred, called a liar, all kinds of just awful things. i'm assuming these people have the internet because they e-mailed me. so, why didn't they do their own homework, why wouldn't they follow my own dictate to you, do not take my word for it. find the question with boldness and find it out yourself. and what i told you to do last night is go to c.p.a.-- cpusa's website, communist party usa, radical ideas you
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go there, a couple of clicks, you click there right on their front page, one nation join the movement today and you will see the young communist league is organizing for one nation working together in the rally in d.c. now, you go down, got it, you go down this page, and you click on one nation working together, takes you right to the deal. now, here are the groups endorsing 10-2-10. this page reads more like a fbi most wanted list. if you are a marxist, you're free to be one. i strongly disagree with you, and i will fight you with every last fiber i have on the battlefield of ideas. i think you're an enemy of the republic and you know you are or you wouldn't be cowering like little girls in the shadows. every president until now has echoed this objection. every single president from george washington to now has recognized enemies that are
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within. they have recognized that the communists are a problem. but this president is doing the opposite. and do know the take my word for it. question with boldness. look at some of the 300 plus groups associated with this rally that's trying to recreate the image of 8-28. now, this is a rally that is supported by charlie rangel and howard dean and obama's own group, obama's own group of organizing for america, they sent out this e-mail. this is obama's group organizing for america. promoting this event. the event organizers were so excited they posted this on their website. obama, where is it. obama organizing group pushes liberal march next weekend. remember, 8-28. and here is the white house, the biggest progressive demonstration in decades. so, who is coming?
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well, let me show you because there's a lot of the usual suspects here, but you really need to know who everybody is. first of all, green for all, who is that? that of course is our communist revolutionary friend 9/11 truther van jones and then there is jim wallace the marxist preacher for the president and then you have sciu who is the former member of sds. who is also now under investigation by the fbi for-- i'm sorry, andy stern is under investigation with the fbi for corruption. then you have of course, the national council of la razza, la razza, what is la razza, translation, the race. then color of change, this is just another one of the communist van jones organizations. in fact, this is the first organization that boycotted
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this show. we have four, this guy's organization has also been boycotting the show. we have four organizations boycotting this program right now and van jones before he started this one, he got involved in this one. and i've asked you to read about storm. don't take my word the guy is a communist, read storm, a communist revolutionary group according to the manual says they brought experience in militant street tactics, revolutionary agitation and coalition building. oh coalition building like one nation working together and then you have the national organization of women. you also have code pink, women for peace. code pink, remember, this is the group that had ties to the flotilla that actually attacked israel that also has ties to hamas and william ayers and bernadine dorn, were the underground members that
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blew things up and then you have of course, planned parenthood which was started by racist, margaret sanger who just planned all they were trying to do was get some of the undesirables through eugeni eugenics, there are too many progressive groups to count. progress ohio, progress congress action fund. progressive democrats of america, progressive democrats of america new york and new york city chapter and then there is the committee of correspondents for democracy and socialism, the democratic socialists of america, the chicago democratic socialists of america, the detroit democratic socialists of america, the new york city democratic socialists of america, the list goes on and on and on, but it is absolutely inconceivable that a reporter asks the president, are you a socialist? do you know what a democratic socialist is?
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when a former soviet union fell apart. they were given a choice, we can have fundamental change of the soviet union or we can remain communists and then we'll have a riot in the streets. the commune nests, like vladimir putin took off his uniform removed his gun, burned his uniform and become a commune anythings socialist, look who else, we have the communist party usa standing with this rally this weekend. i'd like to say something here. we get blamed whenever one person, one person shows up at any tea party with one sign that somebody perceives as crazy or over the top or racist, one person, they have the communists, the communists as an endorser on their own website and nobody says a word? but it only gets worse from there. they also have the peace and
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freedom party. that one is a great organization. sounds great, peace and freedom, who is not for that? but they are the same party that nominated as their presidential candidate this guy in 2004. his name, leonard peltier, peltier kind of m a hard time campaigning at the time because he was in prison for murder. he just slaughtered two fbi agents back in 1975. but who hasn't done that? then there is international answer, do i have an international answers? don't have international answers magnet, didn't have-- we're running a business here, we don't have that many magnets. this international answer is an anti-war group with close ties to the workers world party. workers world unite, yeah, i heard that from andy stern and this guy and this guy. but the world's party was a marxist leninist party in the
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1950's and they're still kicking sought to link the palestinian clause with the other anti-colonialists, and cause. anti-colonelists where have i heard that, that's right, anti-colonialists barack obama, dreams from my father, know the-- that's right, dreams from my father. that's right, his father was an anti-colonialist and so was his grandfather, they hated great britain and so did he, i'm sure it's nothing. and these repeatedly supported terrorist groups like hezbollah and hamas, these are all groups that they're very, very proud of. plus, america's campaign for america's future is involved, that's a great one. they're focused on progressive transformation, funded by george soros. but there's also campaign, campus progress, which is also an off-shoot of the center for
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american progress funded by george soros and then there is of course, the great panthers, they are great, age and youth in action, they quote, work for social and economic justice and peace for all people. they have a slogan and i want you to remember this slogan, people over profits. people over profits. remember that slogan, will you? then we have the courage campaign, they're partners with they push for full equality and progressive change in california, like they, they need any more. then you have the yeah yeah network, never heard of that one. a social justice group active in the counter military recruitment movement. don't know what that is? that means if somebody is coming to recruit in your school, they teach them that
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military is evil and you shouldn't be involved, they're hate mongers. here is an add. the yaya is hearing youth organizers, calling all youth organizers, rebels with a cause, must be 15 to 19 year old. wow, trouble makers, trouble makers at 15 to 19 years old. what could they possibly want with trouble makers between july, 2010 through august 2011? what could they possibly be looking for with teenager trouble makers? giving them jobs when this-- when this congress and this president have made sure that 16 to 24 year olds just can't find a job? and then of course there's solidarity, the one with the red star as the logo. they were quote, founded in 1986 by revolutionary socialists who stand for socialism from below. socialism from below, growing something from below, where have i heard that? i remember where i've heard that before, play van jones, please.
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>> you the top down, and also bottom up and inside out. top down, bottom up. >> glenn: and inside out. i knew i had heard that before. solidarity wants the self-organization of the working class and oppressed peoples, oppressed peoples, where have i heard that before? oh, yeah the weather underground oh and jeremiah wright, too. here he is. jeremiah wright. did you know that, did you know that his church is also proud sponsor of the united church of christ, the national jobs for all coalition is also involved in this. they just seek shared prosperity and more leisure time for you. then of course, the humanist party is involved. they want to give you the right to vote. no, well, not you, but you if you're a noncitizen ie, illegal in new york. also, the student action labor project, student action labor, notice is spells slap?
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do you think it's a coincidence it's called slap? this is part of jobs for justice. slap engages student organizations and economic justice campaigns. and then there is campus camp wellstone. this is a, this is a camp for a labor program customized to meet the needs of individual unions, they partner with progressive labor organizations and help build infrastructure, so basically you can say that it's a labor camp and then there's wish a do. this looks so nice, be the missing piece. this has everything to do with mutual benefits supporting and sustaining the common good and shifting the model of profit, only corporations, mutual benefit cooperation. yeah, yeah, yeah. this is next. oh, oh, i don't know, i mean, if you had any doubts to what this is all about, wait until we come back because there's no way to deny these connections and so much more next.   
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>> okay. here is organizing for america, barack obama's campaign organizing committee. friend, this saturday, come to join one nation working together on the national mall. one nation working together. well, who is working together? i have been showing you the groups that endorse and one nation has all of this information on their website. do not take my word for it. do your own homework. tivo and record this and look all these groups up and tell me you want the president saying come join. this is organizing for america, he's urging people to attend. now, here is a great one.
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the international socialist organization. they say socialism is not only possible, but worth fighting for. the iso stands in the tradition of revolutionary socialist karl marx, vi len inand trotski, believing the vast majority of the population are the only force that can win a fight to lead a socialist society be brought out from above, but has to be won by the workers themselves. i believe these people when they say violent or when they say revolution, and they talk about lenin, trotski, they mean the first and force. now, i'd love to see the president come out and denounce socialist, marxist, communists, revolutionarierevol once, mr. president, once, deny marxism, communism, revolutionisms, tell us you're against all of this.
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marxism is evil and the only thing that it is contributed to in the history of mankind is mass graves. all of these groups and the president of the united states want nothing short of fundamental transformation of america. it's not about cleaning up corruption, it's only a beginning, a beginning of a radical revolutionary marxist land. do not allow them to get away with the lies. do not allow them to say that we are just one nation working together. we're just trying to put america back to work and putting america back together. these people, a lot of them have fought their entire life to destroy america. now, i get the guilt by association, if there's a lone whacko in a group that strikes in, i get it. if you stand next to someone and get your picture taken you don't know them. and if a majority of them believe in marxism, then, yes,
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we can, yes, we can judge you by the people you keep company with. do you remember this campaign? >> yes, we can. yes, we can. >> glenn: it didn't start on this campaign. yes, we can. no, no, a watch dog gave me this book from 1981, yes, we can. and there's also in this book in the center of this book, there is-- here it is, people before profits. where have i heard people before profits. oh, yeah, that's right. here, people before profits, the gray panthers. the black panthers, the black panthers met with mammoud ahmadnejad last week. this is just about yes, we can, the book by the way, look at the top of it, please. straig straighten fight back, build the communist party. the book is from the communist party usa, the same people i sent you to that are still around and kicking today, that are proud to be standing here in this crowd. you can package poison to look
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like candy, but it is still poison. let me go back to wish a do. where is wish a do on this, wish a do, be the missing piece. they want to shift from a profit only corporation to a mutual benefit cooperation system. well, that brings me to the last piece of the puzzle. america's union movement. union members, you're not the problem. you're not the problem, but your silence is going to be the problem. you must not allow these people to do this to america. they are killing you and us. you'll just be the last one. you're being used. afl-c afl-cio. richard trumka, what he said recently. here it is, we need, we need to fundamentally restructure our economy and reestablish the popular control over the private corporation. popular control. which has distorted our
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economy and hijacked our government. that's the long-term job, but we should start now. let me tell you something. i told you a year and a half ago, pase read this book. this is coming insurrection, the invisible committee and it's written in europe and written by many of these people who are their contacts over in europe. these are the same people who have written this book. the same kind of people. they're not the literal people, but they have the same context and the same beliefs and it is the most frightening-- in this book it talks how you must destroy the family unit. it's evil. and they're communists. they're democratic socialists, please, america, i beg of you, get down on your knees and you pray not only for this country. for the republic, but you pray, quite honestly for the safety of this president. you can say whatever you want about me, but my family and i, we pray every single night for the safety of this president. i have met secret service agents that work at the white
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house, i have begged them, you keep this man safe. why? why have i believed that this president is in danger? look at who he has cobbled together. these people are not fooling around. read their own words. they're not fooling around. what are you going to say to these people on saturday, that you can pretend for a while, but if you are not a radical socialist marxist communist, somebody who wants a revolution in america, if you're not a radical revolutionary then you've been leading some of the most dangerous people in our country on. the coming insurrection, our president is in trouble. if he's not in trouble because he's lying to either them or to us. if he's lying to them. he's in trouble. if he's lying to us, we're in trouble. you can call it wish a do. you can call it yaya. call it slap, call it heaping pile of pooh-pooh, but it's
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the same thing. it's communism, it is evil. george soros has been at this game with these people for a very long time. this is not about the president of the united states. they have been going after our children under our nose for a very long time. gang, they are this close to weng. this close to winning. and you can't win just through an election. you must know the whole scope of it. you must-- why do you think i say faith, hope and charity. why do you think i say take the 40 day and 40 night challenge because god is the only one, only one that can solve this problem. we can stand in the door, we can put our foot in the door, but we will not conquer this alone. we won't make it alone. but we can do certain things. soros and the tide foundation has been trying to indoctrinate our kids. what was the name of the film they did. there it is.
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do you remember this? well i say at the time somebody else has to do it and i waited for somebody else to do it and they haven't so i'll do it. i like to call it reverse propaganda on the tide foundation a foundation. stay here. ñ÷
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>> i'm patti ann browne. police released the identity of the gunman who opened fire at university of texas at austin and say the shooter was
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19-year-old colten tooley. he killed himself in the school library, no one else was hurt and the death toll in the san bruno pipeline explosion rose again today. a 58-year-old man was named the 8th victim killed and former president jimmy carter will spend the night at a cleveland hospital after suffering an upset stomach on a flight to the city. the 85-year-old plans to resume his book tour tomorrow in washington. for more on these stories, visit glenn beck returns in a moment, but first, bret baier previews special report. >> bret: hi, the u.s. launches a wave of attacks in the tribal region in pakistan and who are they after and why now? brit hume is here with the administration's effort to fire up democratic voters. in a half hour on special report. now, back to glenn. >> we were talking during the
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break and said would you please, glenn put this up on your website so we're going to put this up on, glen, the if you want to know why the republic is on a ventilator, you want to know how much trouble we're in. you go to one nation working together and look at the groups affiliated with this president and you will see what they're calling for. you do your homework on this, you won't a sleep for a week. also having the look into more on these to expose what these people really believe. in their own words, not, no spin, no-- in their own words. now, for the second time in the last two weeks, the president has given a speech where he's used a quote from the declaration of independence. he has admitted, i believe the most vital part of the quote and nobody understands why. this is not a small deal. and i want to explain.
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first, let me show you what he said the first time on september 15th. here he is. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident. that all men are created equal. and now with certain inalienable rights, life and liberty and the pursuant of happiness. >> glenn: okay. the glaring omission there is one word, creator. after we and i'm sure others brought it up, the white house insisted the comment was made on the fly. it was inadvertent. it wasn't in the teleprompter. okay. the white house deputy press secretary josh ernst talked about the issue and said the president is in full agreement with the declaration of independence and anything to the contrary is silly. >> glenn: it's not. why is it silly when he leaves out a very important word. it has nothing do with religion, by the way, i want you to know that. we gave him the benefit of the
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doubt except seven days later the president again while speaking at a democratic fundraiser omitted the one word creator when referencing the exact same passage from the declaration, the admission part of a prepared transcript. they didn't have any cameras at the dinner so we had to go to the white house to get the transcript and here is the white house transcript on what the president said, quote, if we believe that all people are created equal and everyone is endowed with certain inalienable rights then we are going to make sure those words live, but he goes on and on, but it's pretty clear that this isn't being done on the fly, or else there's a speech writer at the white house that needs to be selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. i'm just saying. this is not some sort of oversight. and here is why i feel compelled to talk to you about this tonight. the mail i get from people who are even on the right who say, oh, just shut up about your
5:40 pm
religion, blah, blah, it's not religion. you must understand why every word was put in the declaration. it is a very big deal. it is one of our critical founding principles that we do not get our rights from man, we get them from god. why is that important? in the declaration, they were very careful it make sure it wasn't christian god or jesus or moses or anybody else, it was nature's god and nature's law. why? because they wanted to make it as broad as they could, but make sure everybody understood it's from above that rights are endowed and they are unalienable. meaning they cannot be changed or taken away. if god or the creator is taken away, where do you get your rights from? if our rights come from other men, then men can take them back. this is about as fundamental
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of understanding of our liberty. it is essential. it is the reason i made such a big issue out of what senator tom harkin said during the health care debate? do you remember what he said i think on christmas eve or something. something like that. >> what this bill does is we finally take that step as our leader said earlier, we take that step from health care as a privilege to health care as an inalienable right of every single american citizen. >> okay. stop, stop, stop. >> okay, look, congress doesn't pass rights, they cannot pass rights. they cannot create a right. they pass laws, but this is an idea, a notion that permeates our government now, the rights our founders enumerated, life, liberty, the pursuant of happiness have become the right to health care, right to a job, right to a certain wage they deem decent and the only way to provide those rights is to take your rights to the things you've earned, the
5:42 pm
problem is, these new rights were the rights outlined by karl marx and ingles, not our founding fathers. if that is the path we're going to take as americans now, then let's have that discussion, let's stop pretending that we're working with the same fundamental principles because we're not. if the president who is a constitutional scholar, if the president doesn't stand the critical word "creator" in the declaration of independence we're not on the same page and it has nothing to do with faith or god or anything else. it has everything to do with man seizing power. if you don't believe that we're endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights which means you cannot ever change that, you cannot take them, don't pretend that you just forgot those three-- those three crucial words. come out and tell the people that you do not buy into the concept of rights coming from
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creators. defend your true position. that's all i'm asking for is you to do your own homework. question me, look all of this up, look it all up, please, i beg i. it does nothing if you're just repeating what i say. liao bei look it up and know it to be true and go to the battlefield of ideas and argue it out and fight it out on the battlefield of ideas. let people decide under those conditions, under those conditions, not in the cover of darkness, not with lies or smears, our chances are very good of winning, because i trust the american people and so did our founders. progressives don't. back in a minute.
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>> earlier in the program i telled you about the groups standing with the president, one nation, the rally that's happening on saturday and these groups many of them think that marxism is a very good idea. many of them are calling for violent or revolution here in america. but the scary thing is that there are some of them that have been working to shape the minds of our children and they do it under the cover of darkness, they know that they can't get the older crowd so they have to target the youth. if they get the youth, they've got it forever. remember, communism. we think it's awful, but our kids don't because they
5:48 pm
haven't been exposed to it so they indoctrinate on capitalism. the stick figure thing. and i was tired of waiting for somebody else to do it so i got my team together and we decided to do indoctrination of our own available at glenn and now, stick figure logic, the truth about communism. trickle down economics. three words that strike fear in the hearts of progressives young and old because they fundamentally debunk the whole rich people are evil the redistribution of wealth mantra they have on their foreheads and basically trickle down economics is the theory that wealth and free enterprise benefit everybody from the country and not just fat cats, aka, the rich and calvin coolidge got it and so did ronald reagan. you'll see, here is what i'm talking about. take bill gates of microsoft fame as an example and worth a
5:49 pm
bazillion dollars, maybe two. to the way back machine, please, it's 1973 and geeky bill has a great idea for a business, packs up, leaves harvard and scrapes together a few bucks and from the garage starts the microsoft company, later shortened to microsoft, comes up with great ideas and boom, the space time continuum to 1986 when microsoft no longer operating out of bill's garage makes an initial public stock offering, five lucky folks, including bill become balance nai billionaires with a b. and 2010 and thousands of others joined the super rich club courtesy of microsoft stock and almost 90,000 folks in total draw weekly paychecks courtesy of bill's idea. so do the math. bill makes a ton and paves the way for a whole lot of others to do the same and many, many,
5:50 pm
many more to earn, shall we say, a better than decent living? in turn, those folks take that microsoft cash and buy homes, cars, groceries hire landscapers, dog walkers, therapists and clowns for birthday parties and those guys do the same and so on and so on and scooby doobie doo. as long as microsoft churn out products you and me will keep buying the trickle down express will keep on trucking and bill tossed a few bucks, 28 billion with a b to be exact for charity. think about that for a second. yeah. sounds like pure evil, doesn't it? it? >> you can get that by signing up for insider extreme now at glen for access to these cartoons and the full length documentary premiering, behind the scenes of 8-28 only on glenn beck at the insider
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>> just when you thought the sleazy attack ads couldn't certaining further into the primordial slime, watch this ad. >> tried to take away our freedom in afghanistan, in iran and here in central florida. >> and submit yourself to your own husband. >> daniel webster wants to impose radical fundamentalism on us. >> she should submit to me, that's in the bible. >> and webster tried to deny battered women-- >> he goes on to say that this is taliban dan. that's a pretty big charge and if he's submit to me, submit to your husband, well, what, let's go back to the tape and find out what daniel webster actually said about wives
5:55 pm
submitting to their husbands from the bible. watch this. >> second, find a verse. i have a verse for my wife. i have verses for my wife. don't pick the ones that say she should submit to me. that's in the bible, but pick the ones that you're supposed to do. so, instead that you love your wife even as christ loved the church. >> glenn: have we really gotten to this point where a sitting u.s. congressman can tell outright lies and get away with it? get caught doing it and still get elected? i hope not. i pray that we are better people than that and i would be saying the same damn thing if he was a republican and did this kind of a thing. please, central, florida, show america, lead the way, that that is not who we are. 
5:56 pm
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>> next week it will be 40 days and 40 nights until 8-28. i told you about the blueprint for survival. i urge you to go to glenn if you have been, e-mail your stories to to the challenge. a lot of viewers say my life has changed and join us in the

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